Learn to fly !

A dream to everyone from 14 to 77 years old, and more !!

Realize your dream of flying! Come learn in our club where the school is labeled by the french microlight association: FFPLUM.
ULM Training is provided by volunteer instructors, it also delivers the Aeronautics Initiation Certificate (BIA).

Among our instructors, the chief pilot with his 200 first solo is also the safety correspondent for the Center Loire county.

The training alternates practical and theoretical courses. The ULM pilot's license and license is obtained in approximately 20 hours of practical lessons. It is valid for life !
To discover the ULM spirit, come and meet us or visit the french microlight federation website https://ffplum.org/

Become an instructor !

If you are already certified and have at least 100 hours of flight time, the school also provides Instructor microlight 3 axis instruction training.

Remise en vol (REV) - Return to flight

Le club des ailes motorisées has decided to implement the Remise en vol operation, which consists of encouraging the meeting of a licensed pilot and an instructor to complete an hour's flight. For more information : https://ffplum.fr/securite/rev

Advanced training

After the basic pilot's license, come and improve your skills for passenger transport and radio qualification. In addition, you can follow one of the training courses leading to a "Declaration of skill level" (DNC) recognized by the DGAC or by creating with our instructor a development program corresponding to your expectations.

Improvement is possible with your own machine or a club machine depending on your situation.

Our trainings

  • Training to the tailwheel landing gear (after obtaining your pilot license) on one of our microlights,the Tétras.
  • DNC Aeral photoshoot and aerial survey
  • DNC skydiving drop
  • DNC banner towing