Legal Notice

Disclaimer : only the french version acts as authority. These following information are delivered for information only.

Legal Notice

  • Association name: Club des Ailes Motorisées
  • Adress: Grange Dieu - 36110 Levroux
  • Type: constituted by the 1st jully 1901 law, as a non profit organisation
  • Publisher director: Mme Denise Lacote

Web host

  • Web host name: Free SAS
  • Adress: 75371 Paris Cedex 08

Some data are store (see our GDPR policy below) by:

  • Google
  • 8 Rue de Londres - 75009 Paris

GPDR, your data

In order to enable the different functions of this website some personnal data may be harvest and be treated. The GDPR requests to explain which data is harvest, explain finalities and treatments.

The data harvest finality and the data treatement have only the ability to render service to the memebers of the club and for the visitor of our installation. Any data is sell, exchange, exploit to any other finality than the services rendered. Especially any personnal data harvest has for finality to be exchanged or resold. Finally the data treatment is done in the highest respect as possible as the actual rules in force.

The data inserted into the forms are previously on some google server before they are gather and treated locally on our server outside Internet.

In the details the following actions we detail the different personal data treatements:

  • Retrieval, collection: only the information explicitly deposited by the user within the forms is collected. No data, cookies, tracking information is collected without the knowledge of the user. Most of the forms generate emails to aviation address _at_ where _at_ is to be replaced by @. This address is consulted by the President of the association and the treasurers.
  • storage: the information collected in these forms using the servers is stored within their server and is deleted once processed from these servers.
  • Consultation: this data is only processed for the purpose of rendering services to the visitor or the association member; it can only be consulted by the president of the association, the treasurer and the webmaster; Access to this account is at least reviewed once a year (password and person with access rights), and is only communicated to members with the aforementioned title.
  • Modification : les données ne sont pas soumis à des modifications.
  • Storage: the digital storage of data is a maximum of 10 years for requests prior to aircraft landing. For other requests it is at most between 1 year after the date of recovery or the date indicated in the form.
  • Extraction: no extraction is made of this data.
  • Communication transmission: No communication or transmission to third parties are doing except, following the explicit consent of a user name for bookings of our partners: eg hotel, B & B, restaurant.
  • Diffusion: no diffusion is carried out.

For any further request please contact us at aviation _at_ (where the _at_ is to be replaced by @) or use the contact form below.